Data-Led Growth Strategy: Uncover Best Opportunities

Your omnichannel customers have more options and higher expectations. Markets and competitors continually evolve. We help you develop customer-centric models to accelerate your performance            .



Sustainable growth is the lifeblood of a business. In a fast-changing digital world, you face new opportunities and threats.  So how do you design your growth strategy? We believe that the answer is to listen your customers better than your competitors do. This requires choosing the right data and integrating it in ways to uncover opportunities before others do.



Just about all organizations use data in developing a growth strategy, yet many fail at sustaining growth.  Why is this?

Not Being Data-Led: Many organizations start with a belief in what to do and simply use data to support their decision. This is a form of confirmation bias that can lead to missing opportunities that you’re unaware of.

Using The Wrong Data: Many use data that they understand and is easy to access. This is often internal data.  Often times the best signals are from external sources, or it may be in combining data sources in new ways.

Insufficient Analysis: Time is limited and the pursuit of today’s growth objectives can be a top priority. But uncovering your best opportunities takes rigor.  Thankfully today we have access to more tools that enable us to integrate and crunch larger sets of data.  However you will have greater success when this is done in the proper growth framework.



We help organizations develop the optimal growth strategy by analyzing their business through a new lense.  We start by identifying the right data. This is a combination of your existing data and supplementing it with external data. We analyze your business and clarify what’s working and what’s not. Who are your best customers and why do they buy?  What are their unmet needs? Where are their gaps in your offering?  Where are they turning to others?

We then identify and quantify opportunities to improve your core business as well as expansion options to consider. This may be via entering new markets, engaging new customer segments, launching new products or strategic acquisition.  We strive to make recommendations hat are based on statistically significant data. If that is not possible we recommend rapid, low cost testing opportunities to validate growth strategies.

We have developed successful growth strategies for global expansion as well for domestic businesses.