Improving outcomes with connected customer journeys.

We're a consulting firm that specializes in aligning data, teams and technology so you can make the most of every interaction

Connect data & analytics across touchpoints

Effective cross-channel engagement starts with a deep understanding of your customer’s journey.  We help you understand how your customers use combinations of channels to interact with your organization. We map out journeys, by segment and clearly identify opportunities for improvement. Employee experiences are critical to success – we map those too.

We bring experience with all kinds of qualitative and quantitative data sources. We can provide a community platform for virtual focus groups or for ongoing insights.  We also develop first party data strategies and design use cases that will be essential in your engagement strategy.


Design use cases to optimize tech stack and workflows

Are you happy with the return on investment from your marketing tech stack?  We help clients improve ROI by identifying the right use cases and automating workflows using no-code tools.

We start with the moments of truth along your customer’s journey.  We analyze them and develop robust use cases to achieve your desired outcomes. We help clients source new capabilities if needed.  This can include implementing a customer data platform or ERP.  Our plans drive conversion, deepen customer relationships, build brands and produce operational savings by eliminating inefficiencies and redundancies.


Integrate & automate journeys with no-code tools

Today organizations need to work together to engage customers with efficiency, agility and speed. To do this you need to effectively align data, technology and processes.

Refined Path has developed a cost-effective, no-code platform that customizes your customer’s experience across touchpoints. It also provides automation to lower costs and serve your customer’s real-time needs.

We bring customizable, no-code templates to design and optimize your customers journey. We also can build custom applications for cross-enterprise projects and programs.


Customer journey alignment platform helps cross-functional teams sync:

  • Goals and key results (OKRs)
  • Data and analytics
  • Segmentation and personalization
  • Brand building
  • Use cases for marketing and advertising technologies
  • Processes and workflows

Delivers better customer experience and outcomes 

Why Refined Path?

When your team needs help understanding and connecting with your customers – This may include implementing and getting the most out of a customer data platform (CDP). Or you may be looking for a project manager for an important transformation.  We fill a need that organizations have for a specialized partner that provides:

Agility:  We are fast, flexible and bring agile methods for understanding customer needs and implementing effective engagement strategies.

Experience: We have more than twenty years in customer insights, media and transforming digital customer experiences for leading brands.

Efficiency: We maintain low overhead and develop pragmatic strategies that start by getting the most out of existing data and technologies.

Leadership: We are able to work alongside senior-level executives and effectively manage enterprise-wide projects.

We have worked with industry leaders including Anheuser Busch InBev, CVS Health and Dell.

Contact:  (917)558-7964