Publishers: Audience Development


The better you understand your audience, person by person, the better you can engage them – with content they care about and offers that they are likely to respond to.  Refined Path uses a proven data platform to help you gather all of your audience data in one place and develop rich 360° profiles.  This enables you to deepen engagement, increase conversions and maximize yield.  Here’s how it works:


We use an audience data platform to integrate data and produce 360° member profiles.  These profiles include content affinity and you can create valuable segments on the fly.  They can be used to help you accomplish three important objectives:

Deepen Engagement & Loyalty: Use content affinity scoring to proactively serve content that matters most to each member of your audience.

Maximize Yield: You can command higher CPM’s for valuable segments.  Supports people-based marketing and account-based marketing campaigns. The platform includes pipes to other networks and properties for easy audience extension.

Drive Subscriptions and Purchases:  A leading publisher used this strategy to quadruple subscriptions and reduce cost-per-acquisition by 80%.

We use a tech platform that has an open API and is integrated with DCM and DBM.  The platform uses machine learning to measure content affinity and predictive scoring.   Refined Path will help  you develop the right strategy to achieve your desired outcomes.