Personal Prospecting

Prospecting has always been critical in growing your business. In recent years as your customers’ buying behavior has changed, your prospecting strategy must evolve as well. But too many companies have not kept pace.

What Has Changed?

Your prospective customers are time challenged and taking replacing sales meetings with digital interactions. They are conducting their own needs assessments and self-qualifying potential partners. How you get introduced and how you tell your story digitally must align with their methodologies.

Personal Planning

You need to develop a comprehensive plan for reaching your best prospects. There are a number of tactics that can help you accomplish this including Social Selling, Networking, Advocate Marketing and Targeting Platforms. We help companies leverage their entire teams to make more connections.

Personalized Elevator Pitch

Once you get that introduction you have to tell your best story in about a minute. If you successfully make a connection they will take the time to learn more. The ideal pitch should not be generic, it should be customized for each customer based on who they are. Customizations can include:

• Problem that you solve
• Vertical expertise
• Format
• Case study

We can help you develop a digital prospecting plan and digital executions that are customized based on your business.