Playbooks & Workshops


Delivering your customers with exceptional experiences requires alignment. Your organization must be aligned with your customers behavior and your team’s efforts must be aligned. Unifying people, process and technology in a seamless manner is not easy. First you need to map out synchronized customer engagement then you need to establish organizational clarity so that everyone understands what they need to do and how the pieces fit together. Developing the right integrated strategies and documenting the roles and processes will increase your rate of success.

Towards that end we help companies develop playbooks that organize sales, marketing and customer service activities. These playbooks are customized based on your objectives and leverage the use of data around your customers’ journeys. After playbooks are developed we help teams with implementation and optimization.



After developing a playbook that is customized for your business, you need cross-functional teams and partners to execute the plan.  To assist with this Refined Path offers workshops to ensure that the team is working together to drive success. We customize sessions based on your organization’s goals and needs.