Sales & Marketing Mix Optimization

In Death of a (B2B) Salesman, Forrester predicts 1 million U.S. B2B salespeople will lose their jobs to self-service E-commerce, by the year 2020. Amongst their recommendations is delivering a digitally enabled B2B selling model. Now is the time to develop the proper mix of automation, personalization, media and talent to profitably, maximize revenue.

Improve Effectiveness and Efficiency

If today your customer is doing their own research and/or is looking for more self-service options, you want to develop a strategy that has the right combination of people, media and technology to increase your win rate while reducing your sales cycle and ideally lowering cost.

Setting Your Sales Team Up For Success

Automation can be threatening to many members of an organization. It is important to introduce it in a manner that makes your most talented people more effective. You don’t want to simply automate things that were previously performed manually, but start doing things that your customers values that weren’t feasible before.

Measuring Success and Improving Results Over Time

We believe that one of the most important ways of tracking success is by measuring the results of your current approach and comparing it to new approach. For example if today you have one sales rep covering 50 accounts with no Account-Based Marketing Support. What are the results if the same rep can cover 75 accounts with Account-Based Marketing Support and Automation. The desire is efficiently engaging more accounts and winning at a higher conversion rate.

Refined Path can help you develop the right mix to meet your unique needs.