Workshop: Map Your Customer’s Buying Journey

We know that time is important to you and offer an approach that develops the most comprehensive buying map as quickly as possible.
To get started we offer a workshop with your team to map your customer’s buying journey in a way that informs an aligned content and media strategy. We have one and two-day options and will work with you to develop the program that’s right for you.

In this workshop, we:
• Review why customer journey mapping helps integrate and inform more effective content marketing and digital media campaigns
• Synthesize customer research across channels for integrated insights
• Define customer segments
• Develop customer personas
• Create holistic customer journey map with stages for discovery, consideration, buying and usage
• Prioritize customer needs with emotions, actions and touchpoints
• Draft the customer journey map designed for content marketing plan and media plan (Social, eMail, Programmatic and Search)

You’ll walk away with:
• Customer Journey Map – Ready for validation with customers
• Customer Personas
• Framework for content marketing strategy
• Digital media recommendations

Ready to Start the Journey?