Organizations have no shortage of data, but most are not getting the most out of it.  There are opportunities in two primary buckets  – customer insights and in activation.  We help marketers with both.  We integrate and analyze data to understand customers better – informing engagement strategies.  We also advise on how the data can be used to ensure that you take the next best action at all touch points.

There is also an opportunity to improve the way you get ideas from your customers and employees. We use community platforms to engage key stakeholders and produce more insights, faster and cheaper than traditional market research approaches.

What We Do


Platform-Generated Insights: You have platforms in your marketing tech stacks that are filled with data. Customer Data Platforms, CRM Platforms and Journey Orchestration Engines are often used for a handful for use cases. There is a tremendous opportunity to mine these platforms for customer insights as well as develop custom tracking/reporting.  We help organizations dive into their tech stack to uncover learning’s and identify opportunities.


Customer Segmentation & Persona Design: Customers want personalized engagement. To do this you need integrated data to understand your customers on a 360° basis.  Technology enables more effective targeting than ever, so organizations have an opportunity to develop micro-segments of your most profitable customers. We help organizations integrate data to see their customers in new ways, so they can engage with them more effectively.


Customer Journey Analytics: Understanding your customer’s needs, frustrations and decision-criteria along their journey is critical. We help organizations integrate quantitative and qualitative data to develop journey maps, by customer segment, that align with your customer engagement strategy.


Voice of The Customer:  We help organizations capture what their customers are saying and how they feel along their journeys.  We work with a variety of inputs including customer interviews, surveys, live chat, social media, recorded call data and focus groups. Experience in U.S. as well as International markets.


First Party Data Generation: As Google has announced that they will be phasing out support for third-party cookies in Chrome, it is important that marketers develop a first party data strategy. This includes having a plan for getting more customers to opt-in as well as enhancing customer profiles with the data necessary to engage across the customer journey. He help organizations assess where they are and develop pragmatic plans to build this important asset.


Industry and Competitive Research: We help organizations analyze and understand new markets, identify opportunities and develop expansion plans.  We also evaluate how customers engage with your competitors across their journeys to ensure that you understand their strengths and weaknesses.


Why Refined Path for Analytics?

We have over 20 years of experience working with online and offline data sources.  Tom is a former SVP at IRI, a leading market research firm.  For eight years he created data-driven customer decision tree’s, marketing mix models, tested new products and did pricing analysis. This is complemented by 10+ years at digital agencies Merkle and Razorfish where we helped clients use a range of data sources including digital to engage customers for effectively.  Experience helping clients analyze data in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.  Have analyzed data across industries across industries including auto, banking, consumer, food/beverage, healthcare, hospitality, pharmaceutical, retail and technology.