CDP Planning

Let’s start with an admission. You don’t need a customer data platform. But what most organizations need:

A customer database: If your products or a competitors products are sold on Amazon we recommend that you have a customer database. If you’re a publisher and compete with Facebook and Google you should have a customer database. If you’re a B2B company you will be more effective with a customer database.

A single customer view: Your customer engages across platforms.  If you want to understand your customer’s behavior you need to break down data silo’s and integrate data at the customer level.

Real-time activation: Leading firms leverage data to offer meaningful engagement that is personalized based on their audience’s real-time needs. You should strongly consider what you could do with this capability.

If you need to these capabilities a Customer Data Platform can be a cost-effective solution. But we recommend that you don’t  start with technology – start by developing a vision and business case for optimal customer engagement.

Start by developing a vision and a business case for where you want to go.  Then develop a roadmap.  This will include how you will develop your team, the strategies that you will take as well as the technologies and the data that you will need.

Refined Path can help.  We will assess your current state, review options and help you develop the right plan for your business.