Employ Automation & AI for Better Results

Today digital transformation needs to include a smart data strategy and automation. New workflows should provide customers with a better experience, make your employees jobs easier and drive profits.

It’s imperative to identify all of the workflows that should redesigned and develop a pragmatic plan to get started.  Some organizations are slow to move because of the perception of high costs and/or limited IT bandwidth. However these do not have to be roadblocks.  

Powerful, no-code tools are available that can turbocharge your business. These are are high quality platforms that can be deployed quickly at lower costs than traditional methods.

Refined Path is certified on a number of no-code platforms including Bubble.io and Unqork.  We can help your team develop a plan that identifies your best opportunities and quickly implement data-driven solutions to achieve your desired outcomes.




Strategic Advisory

We work closely with clients to assess current processes and identify opportunities to add and revise workflows for better customer experiences, increased efficiency and to enable employees to make better decisions.

System Selection & Implementation

Critical to ensuring the successful deployment of any strategic plan and operational transformation is ensuring the right enabling technologies are identified and deployed.

Project Management

Complex business transformations and IT implementations have great potential to deliver value but often fall short. We provide project management services to help you achieve desired outcomes.


Once a strategic plan is approved, we help transform the enterprise to eliminate redundancies, implement a consistent processes and ensure employees are trained and provided the right tools for success.

Analytics & Dashboards

We provide reporting and analytics that consolidates data across multiple different formats and source systems to provide our clients with timely insights to support better decision-making.

Managed Services

A major consideration for all companies today is how to minimize the costs around the provision of technologies to the business and users while mitigating risks and ensuring the best patient experience.