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RefinedPath was built to help.

We provide specialized services to help companies align around their customer’s journey. We help you develop the right vision, map the holistic journey, synchronize processes and provide insights to deliver brilliant business results.

‘But our company is not ready’

Many companies know that they will eventually have to transition their teams to work around the holistic customer journey but are postponing plans due to the magnitude of the change. RefinedPath is flexible and can implement change on an incremental basis. In this scenario we utilize the 80/20 rule to focus on the few opportunities that will provide the greatest impact.

Relationship to big data

Today’s customer journey is creating incredible amounts of information, often referred to as ‘big data.’ It is critical to understand how your teams will align around the customer journey before developing a customized IT system to manage new data sources. We can help marketing inform IT of big data needs.

You have options

Today companies have a number of agencies and vendors who are vying to inform the cross-channel journey. For some companies this may be a sound approach. But often time’s agency strategy is informed by their specialization as well as commercial interest. We believe that companies should have an internal resource who owns the holistic customer journey. We are designed to help that person by providing an informed framework, experience and an objective point of view.

High level differentiation:

– Offline and online marketing, by function and related data/analytics
– Experience integrating functions/data across the customer journey
– Cross industry, B2C and B2B

– Utilize detailed ‘segment/stage’ framework
– Platform for integrating, measuring and optimizing channels/tactics across the journey
– Time to value ratio (versus large consulting mgt firms)

No commercial bias
– Balanced perspective
– Not designed to support investment in a specific marketing, technology or data service
– Can trust recommendations