Small & Medium Businesses

Programmatic is claiming a growing share of marketing budgets because it’s efficient, flexible and scalable. And it doesn’t matter whether your brand is global, national or local — companies of all sizes are flocking to programmatic. But it’s small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) that stand to gain the most from embracing programmatic advertising.

Targeting Options

Let’s say a local gym in Danbury, Connecticut wants to run a campaign. Naturally, they’re looking for people within their geographic footprint. But they specifically want customers who are interested in healthy diets, organic food and fitness — perhaps people who are exploring a lifestyle change. Algorithms can consider all of these variables, so SMBs don’t waste money targeting the wrong viewers. The cornerstone of programmatic is being able to define an ideal audience, down to very granular details.

Levels The Playing Field With Large Advertisers

Programmatic advertising also levels the playing field when it comes to competing for inventory. A marketing executive at Ford Motors might be able to reach out directly to Fox to buy ad placements on their website. But a Ford dealer in Peoria, Illinois can’t do that. If a local business tried to contact individual publishers, they probably wouldn’t get their call returned. And even if they did, local businesses generally can’t secure placements in a single market, or even a few markets, unless they’re very large — or are working through an agency that has significant buying clout.

Need the Right Partner For You

Traditional media agencies have been built to serve large customers. It is difficult for most agencies to operate profitably serving SMB’s. If they do take your business you are likely to be served by Junior staff members. Refined Path operates with low overhead and provides Senior level strategy to be able to provide successful campaigns for small and medium businesses.