Customer Data Platform Success: How To Get Started

Hi, I’m Tom

I’ve been working in digital marketing and analytics for 20+ years. My teams have served as digital agency of record for companies like Capital One, Starwood Hotels & Verizon. Partnering with these clients, I learned that in order to achieve great results you need the right team and the right strategies. These strategies are enabled by technology and fueled by data.

I was immediately attracted to Customer Data Platforms because they can help organizations solve two huge problems:

  • Bust data silos for a single customer view
  • Enable omnichannel personalization based on each customer’s real-time needs

These two things enable you to understand your customers better and achieve great business results.

But getting started can be tricky. There are more than 50 CDP tech vendors and it can sound like they do the same thing.  But integrating data from different sources is challenging and each CDP approaches it differently. So how do you get started? I recommend that you don’t begin by purchasing technology. Do your homework and have a strategy.

  1. Envision where you want go
  2. Develop specific use cases for that vision (This will inform your technology and data requirements)
  3. Conduct a vendor review based on your desired use cases and technology and data requirements

Refined Path is a vendor neutral consultancy that specializes in helping organizations develop strategies, use cases and conduct vendor reviews (We have experience with 20 CDP vendors). After you select a CDP vendor we will help align your people and processes with the CDP technology so you can achieve your goals.

Refined Path was selected as a Top 10 Customer Data Platform solutions provider by Marketing Tech Outlook. We were honored to the only consultancy to appear on the list. Top 10 CDP Solution Providers (Note: The Top 10 CDP list appears on page 15.  Refined Path is interviewed for article on page 26).

I’d love to discuss how we could help your team drive fantastic outcomes using a CDP.

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