Customer Data Platform Success: Align People, Process & Technology

Hi, I’m Tom

I’ve been working in digital marketing and analytics for over twenty years. My teams have served as digital agency of record for companies like Capital One, Starwood Hotels & Verizon. Partnering with these clients I learned that in order to achieve great results you need the right team and the right strategies. These strategies were enabled by technology and fueled by data.

I was immediately attracted to Customer Data Platforms because they can potentially help organizations solve two huge problems:

1. Break down data silos for a single customer view & build valuable, first-party data

2. Enable omnichannel personalization based on each customer’s real-time needs

These two things enable you to understand your customers better and achieve great business results.

However, many companies struggle to reach their goals.  The problem is that they focus on the CDP technology first and less so on the strategy, people or processes. In fact the #1 reason for MarTech failures is a lack of organizational support and alignment. The stakes are too high to shortchange your business in these important areas.

That’s why I founded Refined Path – a vendor neutral consultancy that specializes in helping organizations use CDPs to get closer to their customers.  We help firms develop the right strategies, select the right CDP technology and engage their customers more effectively.

I’d love to discuss how we could help your team drive fantastic outcomes using a CDP.

For a free consultation please fill out this form or call us at 917.558.7964.