Process & Workflow Optimization


Successful sales and marketing operations has the right blend of people, processes and technologies. Many organizations have great platforms but their processes could be better. We help with a four-stage approach.

  1. Design Integrated Processes

In a cross-channel, world your team needs to work together in new ways to effectively engage with customers.  Refined Path works with your team to design the optimal process for working together to achieve goals.

  1. Implement Collaboration Platform

Once you’ve designed the optimal process for your team, you will want to activate it.  To facilitate this we input your process, data and platforms into an Airtable collaboration database.  This platform makes it easy for your team to understand the process, access the appropriate information and assets and seamlessly work together.  This is a low-cost, easy-to-use platform that ensures that your team embraces your optimal process and drives productivity increases.  Your processes can be viewed in multiple formats including Calendar, Gallery and Kanban.  We provide training and support for your team post-launch.

  1. Automate What Should Be Automated

A primary reason that teams have not embraced Marketing Technology is that they can be viewed as a time suck. Our platform integrates hundreds of applications, and we customize it to pick up triggers and automate the appropriate actions.  These automated workflows will drive new actions to build your business as well as free up significant time for your team to focus on mission critical activities.

  1. Optimize Processes

As your team works on its new processes, new opportunities to work smarter will emerge.  Additionally, new integrations and applications will become available.  Lastly with developments in machine learning and AI, there will be on-going opportunities to improve your workflows.  Refined Path helps clients ensure that their processes continually improve.