Planning Services


‘Begin with the End in Mind’

We recommend starting with a vision for one-to-one engagement.  How can we improve your customer’s journey today. How do we envision it five years from now. What other ways can integrate data impact our decision making?  All of these questions should be asked before you commit to a CDP technology.  Refined Path can help you understand your options and develop your desired engagement strategy.


How will you calculate ROI? We help organizations understand the expected costs and benefits of investing in a customer data platform.  Our approach is designed to ensure you realize the optimal return in the near-term and long-term. This includes taking into account the asset value for building a rich, first party database.


A CDP implementation has many moving parts.  Refined Path helps you develop the roadmap and benchmarks that are right for your organization. This is critical for your team to understand the process and remain on the same page.


If there is one piece of advice we give organizations, whether they work with us or not it’s this – Design use cases before you engage technology vendors. This is not a slight to the vendors because they will be critical to  your success. Here’s the issue: They may sound alike but there are different approaches, they ingest different data sources, have different interfaces and different activation capabilities. You will want to develop desired use cases, which will inform technology requirements that you will include in your vendor review. Refined Path brings methodologies for designing use cases that will set your organization up for CDP success.


There are 90+ technologies that call themselves Customer Data Platforms. You do not have the time to meet with the all. Refined Path invests significant time understanding the vendor landscape. We meet vendors, go through demo’s, read whitepapers, case studies and participate in webinars and other events. We are vendor neutral and can help you select the vendor that best meets your specific needs.