Journey Mapping

Before you design a future customer experience you have to understand your customer’s current experience.  We help organizations develop persona’s and design customer journey maps by segment. In order to deliver these end-to-end customer experiences we also help organizations develop employee journey maps.  We bring specialized experience and proven methodologies.

Key areas we identify:

Mindset: What is your customer thinking? What are their best moments? Their worst moments? What’s missing?

Actions: Walk thru the experience in their shoes.

Touchpoints: What are their interactions with people, places, things and apps during the experience?

Pain Points: What makes the actions difficult or frustrating? Where are there inefficiencies?


Why partner with Refined Path for your journey mapping needs?

  1. Blend of CX & Analytics Experience: Unique combination of 10+ years of digital agency experience and 10+ years at leading analytics firms. We have experience working with all kinds of data as well as orchestrating integrated customer experiences.
  2. We Develop Journeys Designed for Automation & Personalization: Journey mapping is valuable in uncovering insights and building alignment across your team. But it’s not enough to understand today’s journey, you need to evolve to a future journey that your customers and stakeholders will love.