A Partner Who Is Specialized, Independent & Agile

Refined Path is an independent consulting firm that helps organizations unify internal & external data to produce 360° insights & advanced growth strategies including personalized customer journeys .

We are a New York-based, specialized services firm that advises, implements and offers managed services to help organizations use marketing technology platforms to achieve their desired outcomes including higher revenue, improved loyalty and reduced costs.



Refined Path was named a Top 10 Customer Data Platform Solutions Provider by Marketing Tech Outlook in May 2018.  Refined Path was the only consultancy included on the list.



We’ve developed and implemented growth strategies to leading companies across a range of industries including:

  • CPG Companies
  • E-Commerce
  • Financial Services
  • Publishers
  • B2B Companies
  • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Services
  • Travel & Hospitality



We are nimble and have the flexibility to customize strategies and services to our client’s budget.  We take a common sense approach to helping clients integrate data and engage customers in meaningful ways. We start with your desired outcomes and partner in three stages:

  • Strategy Development: Conduct assessments; develop vision; design use cases;  clarify data & tech requirements; can review potential technology vendors
  • Implementation: Deploy data integration strategy; Align people, process and technology; Conduct tests
  • One-To-One Customer Engagement at Scale: For B2C clients we orchestrate people-based campaigns, For B2B we orchestrate account-based marketing campaigns.

How we engage with clients:

  • Embedded: Work onsite, alongside client teams
  • Remote: Work with client teams with collaboration technologies
  • Coaching / Training: Provide advisory role and lead workshops
  • Team: Can provide full-time employees or leverage network of consultants

We find that unnecessary complexity will hamper execution, drive up costs and hinder your customer’s experience. So we develop strategies that are simple, speedy and scalable. We work on a modular basis and expand based on your needs.



The first thing we do is identify where you can get the greatest returns with the least amount of work/complexity.  We ensure that you are getting the most out of your existing platforms as well as help you develop a roadmap.  We focus on helping you develop strategy, achieve quick wins, break down silos and establish cross-functional processes.  We can provide technology if needed or work with what you have.



Refined Path was founded by Tom Quinn, an insights-driven, digital marketing executive with a passion for customer engagement. Over his twenty five year career, Tom has worked with great teams leadership roles at leading digital marketing consultancies including Merkle and Razorfish. He has also worked in programmatic media at AppNexus and served as CEO of Real Time Content, a personalized video platform that was spun out of British Telecom. His career started at IRI, where he established a foundation in customer insights and data management. Tom has worked across verticals including B2B, CPG, Financial Services, Healthcare, Publishing, Retail, Travel and Telecom.  His clients have included AstraZeneca, ADP, Capital One, Dell EMC, Electronic Arts, Johnson & Johnson, Starwood Hotels and Verizon. Tom received his BS From Mercy College and MBA from Notre Dame.