Reimagine the Patient Experience

Today’s healthcare consumers expect value, convenience, and support. To thrive, healthcare organizations must eliminate the barriers that patients and caregivers face. Too often healthcare provider processes are not designed for the digital age.  As a result consumers still find it difficult to access and pay for the care that they need.

Providers need to address evolving patient expectations for accessibility to information and services while mitigating costs through automated back-end processes. RP Health helps these organizations adopt agile principals including optimizing clinical and administrative workflows as well implementing digital technologies that lower costs and improve care.  Our experience includes:

  • Designing and launching websites and digital experiences
  • Assessing and redesigning patient and clinician workflows
  • Implementing smart patient / provider portals
  • Optimizing clinical decision support
  • Enabling remote patient monitoring / telemedicine



Marketing Automation & Personalization

The Covid-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of digital technology to effectively engage healthcare providers and patients.  It is critical to target the right medicine to the right patients as well as give physicians the specific information that they need.

Marketing technology platforms enable pharmaceutical companies to personalize engagement in meaningful ways.  But these programs require the right strategy, implementation and management.

Refined Path helps by offering:

  • Customer data strategy
  • CRM onboarding 
  • Cross-team alignment 
  • Training and coaching
  • Program Management support



Integrated Commercialization Strategy

No two pharmaceutical brands are the same. You need to develop strategies that are right for your target patients and physicians. New product launches need to be planned carefully and orchestrated carefully across functions.

Plans need to take into account the competitive landscape and clearly demonstrate the value of your brand.   They should have an informed pricing strategy and distribution plan.  Targeted campaigns should effectively engage your target audiences to amplify your message.

Refined Path helps by offering:

  • Enterprise project management for strategic initiatives
  • New product strategy
  • Vendor selection, contract negotiation and supplier management
  • Access strategy
  • Campaign planning
  • Post-launch evaluation and optimization




Strategic Advisory

We work with healthcare organizations to assess processes, map patient journeys and develop recommendations for improved  experiences and more effective workflows.

System Selection & Implementation

Critical to ensuring the successful deployment of any strategic plan and operational transformation is ensuring the right enabling technologies are identified and deployed.

Project Management

For healthcare and life sciences firms, we manage global projects with multiple workstreams and stakeholders. Our experience includes developing  digital patient experiences and post-merger integration. 


Once a strategic plan is approved, we help transform the enterprise to eliminate redundancies, implement a consistent processes and ensure employees are trained and provided the right tools for success.

Analytics & Dashboards

We provide reporting and analytics that consolidates data across multiple different formats and source systems to provide our clients with timely insights to support better decision-making.

Managed Services

A major consideration for all companies today is how to minimize the costs around the provision of technologies to the business and users while mitigating risks and ensuring the best patient experience.