Customer Insights

State of Cross-Journey Data Tracking

Mobile has a profound impact on the customer journey and it has also added to the complexity of tracking and generating customer insights. Currently each digital channel (Search, display, mobile, etc) generates its own set of rich data. This often results in siloed departments seeing the same customer in multiple ways. To deploy an optimal customer journey strategy it is important to have a singular view of your customer across all of the ways they research your category and consider options. Matching users across different devices is a significant challenge for marketers.

These are the early days of cross-channel tracking and Refined Path helps you understand options and develop the right strategy for your company. In September 2017, eConsultancy shared that only 17% of marketers say they have the ability to fully analyze the customer journey. Today your customer can be viewed across channels within the ‘walled gardens’ of Facebook, Google and other publishers. However universal tracking solutions are being developed and expected to be available within the next 12 months.

Why You Should Start Targeting Across Your Customer’s Journey Now

While universal technology isn’t perfect there are three important reasons to start cross-channel campaign planning now:

1. The solutions available will drive better results today than siloed approach, plus you will have runway for continual improvement.
2. Universal tracking will become a reality in short order. Skate to where the puck is going to be.
3. The technology is easy part. Changing to cross-channel approach requires looking at your customer differently and planning differently.

Integrating display, mobile and search within leading publishers will provide your customers with a better journey today.

Low Risk, High upside: Test, Learn, Optimize Approach

Often trying new approaches requires a significant investment with no guaranteed return. Cross-Journey media planning & buying is easy with Refined Path. We set up a small test to prove the concept and you can elect to continue, expand or walk away if it doesn’t meet your expectations. We continually deploy small tests, monitor results and refine campaigns as appropriate. We scale winning strategies to optimize your customer’s journey.

Campaign Reporting

We provide 24/7 access to campaign results via our CJM dashboard. The metrics are customized to meet each client’s business objectives.