Content Marketing Strategy

Develop a Customer-Centric Content Marketing Strategy

If you want to get aligned with your customers, your content has to be based on their needs. It should be customer-centric not product-centric. Executions can include video or editorial that is served as part of sponsorships or native campaigns.

Develop Content That Can Be Personalized

You can create content that is meant for everyone, however research tells us that relevant messaging performs better. However creating custom content for every single customer may not be feasible. We believe that it makes sense to develop content that can be personalized by customer segment and stage in the customer journey.

Leverage Objective 3rd Parties

Understand that customer’s true impartial 3rd parties more than they trust you. Webinars with a well-known industry analyst will likely be more effective than one with your head of sales. Case studies approved by respected clients carry a lot of weight. A winning content strategy isn’t just developing content but working with partners that will be more effective telling your story than you can yourself.

Automation and Optimization

You will want to develop an approach for serving the right story based on your audience whenever you engage them, whether at your site or when your sales team meets them in person. You also want to continually test and measure the effectiveness of content to ensure that you are improving results over time.