Account-Based Marketing for B2B

Account-Based Marketing: A Primer

Programmatic advertising makes it possible for marketers to reach individual customers and serve custom messages across digital channels. This type of targeting has been widely adopted by B2C companies and now B2B companies are realizing the benefits. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a term that refers to a set of tactics that meet the unique needs of B2B marketers. ABM campaigns typically include IP targeting and retargeting which makes it possible to serve relevant messages and content to employees of your target clients. Implemented with the right strategy, ABM is a cost effective way to deepen relationships with your most valuable prospects.

Account-Based Marketing Challenges

While these targeting techniques are effective for reaching your best customers, it’s important to remember that advertising is hard! Your buyers are flooded with marketing messages. Recent surveys from Forrester and Sirius Decisions tell us that 65% to 70% of buyers indicate that much of the content that they receive from vendors is of no use to them. Research also shows that sales is rejecting up to 80% of marketing generated leads. It is clear that the challenge isn’t simply reaching your clients. Your ABM program won’t be successful unless you serve content that is meaningful to your target audience.

How Refined Path Helps B2B Companies Achieve Brilliant Results

Adtech alone doesn’t win business, it helps us execute sales & marketing strategies. Refined Path has developed a unique three step approach for B2B companies:

(1) Develop Customer-Centric Plan: Map your customer’s journey, by segment, highlighting their needs
(2) Create Meaningful Content: Develop marketing content strategy that is aligned with your customer’s journey, not your product
(3) Distribute in Targeted Fashion: Implement account-based advertising campaigns with relevant content for each account

Benefits of this approach include stronger response rates, a richer sales pipeline, better collaboration between your sales and marketing teams as well as a superior buying experience for your customers.

About Refined Path

We are a digital marketing services and advisory firm founded by Tom Quinn, a fifteen year veteran of B2B selling for premier programmatic media companies. Tom has held senior sales and marketing positions at digital marketing leaders such as AppNexus, Merkle and Razorfish. He’s led B2B pitches that have won multi million dollar partnerships with great companies including AstraZeneca, Capital One and Starwood Hotels. Leveraging this experience, Refined Path offers an approach that integrates the best practices in digital media with the best practices in B2B selling. As a boutique we maintain low overhead, work fast and provide an agility that larger firms struggle to provide. We are based in New York and engage clients on a project or retainer basis and serve as an extension of your team.

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