Integrated, Touchpoint Personalization

For marketers who aren’t ready to unify data with a customer data platform, you still have the opportunity to personalize customer experience via marketing automation platforms.  You can coordinate personalization for each customer segment, by channel / touchpoint, including:

• Web Personalization
• Account-Based Web Marketing
• Website Retargeting
• Predictive Content

The Web Personalization tile is your access point for creating personalized web campaigns. Account-Based Web Marketing and Web Retargeting. You can add content on the Content Analytics page.

Account-Based Web Marketing works with Web Personalization and features named accounts. The Named Accounts page provides graphical information on existing customers, total engagements, and organizational trends, as well as a list of the accounts. You can create new named accounts there as well.

Website Retargeting gives you the power to remarket to segmented audiences. You can set segments, but can’t use Named Accounts in the filter.

Predictive Content is the place to give content recommendations. You can add content easily to the Content Recommendations page.

Refined Path can help your team use these applications for more meaningful customer engagement.