BtoB: Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing has continued to evolve.  A prime example is where B2B firms are using programmatic technology to target key contacts with personalized messaging.  As we prepare for 2018 we see further evolution into ‘Account-Based Engagement.’  We see five areas that B2B marketers will need to develop:



Today Account-Based marketing creates data.  But much of it goes into data silo’s.  For example you may have a  separate CRM database that is not integrated with a cookie database used for online media.  We recommend understanding how a customer data platform (CDP) can create a single customer view.  This doesn’t just improve digital engagement, it will provide your sales team and service team with better intelligence.



As successful sales people know, they better you listen, the better you sell.  The early days of ABM has been more about using targeting and automation technologies.  But just as in traditional sales, the companies that listen closely to their customers  companies will realize better results.  Your customers leave breadcrumbs throughout their buying journeys.  We recommend picking up these signals and sharing them across platforms for better engagement.



It’s one things to capture your customers attention, it’s another thing to keep it. The average visitor to a B2B website has 1.7 pageviews.  If you don’t give your audience what they are looking for – they are gone.  It is important to identify who your audience is AND where they are and where they are in their journey.  You will want to know how to reach them and give them an effective, relevant experience.



Timing is everything.  Even if you integrate data and serve relevant content, it won’t matter if you are not satisfying your customer’s needs in the moment. Many digital personalization tactics are executed based on data that is not updated in real-time.



Digital channels are all about measurement and agile iteration.  If we’ve learned anything over the past decade it is that test/learn works in digital marketing.  It is important to continually develop hypothesis, test them and continually improve the results of your ABM program.


The team at Refined Path understands B2B sales and marketing and been delivering digital campaigns for leading firms since 2000.  We use a platform that has an open API and uses machine learning for predictive scoring and for targeting look-a-like audiences.  We will work with your team to develop the right listening and engagement strategy to meet your specific needs.